Yacht Weigh-ln

How weight and its location influence your yacht s speed and handling.
Medical experts agree that itnot just how much you weigh, but where you carry that weight, that figures into your likelihood of having health issues. For some reason, particularly if you are prone to being overweight, an apple-shape physique is far more dangerous than a pear-shape one. Armchair naval architects take notice; there is a close analogy in yacht performance. Read more »


Commer collection

Roger Hamlin goes to see a growing collection of classic Commers down in New Zealand.
Brian Bond has worked in transport for years and is currently the transport manager of a large haulage firm on the outskirts of Dannevirke in Southern Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. One day while on a trip out with friends he happened to see a Commer in the colours of a company he had driven for many years before —Murphys transport of Pongaroa. Just seeing this 1957 petrol-engined lorry brought back so many memories that he decided to try to buy it. He managed to track down the owner, Noel Galloway, and after a bit of negotiation the vehicle was his. Read more »


Commercials at 33rd Working Rally

The 33rd working rally of the Ouse Valley Group Vintage Tractor Club on Saturday and Sunday 26 and 27 September at St Judes Farm, Haynes in Bedfordshire, by kind permission of the Simms Family, was a great success, with hot sunny weather and dry ground, writes Donald Bowler.
Over 150 vintage tractors were there, with many taking part in the ploughing competition. There were also 30 commercials and military and 10 steam vehicles.
A 1952 Chevrolet 3800 LWB Pickup taking part had been owned by a farming family in the States until 2005 when it was imported into the UK and stored. Matthew Davies of Ampthill bought it recently and intends to keep it exactly as it is. Read more »

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Dor to Dor

Alan Barnes tells us the history of this company with help from one of their ex-employees, Martain Cornwall
The bright red-liveried lorries of the delivery company Dor To Dor were a familiar sight on the roads of southeast England during the 1960s and 1970s.
This was a company which did exactly what its name suggested and for many years they operated from their main depot in the Sussex town of Lewes. Martin Cornwall who has been in, around and under lorries all his life recalls starting work for the company when he left school at fifteen in 1971. Read more »


Down memory lane

Vintage lorries have a habit of popping out of the woodwork when you least expect them. When HSF 511 resurfaced after a lengthy interval of twenty years, Drew Laburn grabbed the opportunity with both hands.
Drew is a building contractor by trade, and hails from the fruit-growing centre of Blairgowrie near Perth. Hebeen a big fan of old lorries since an early age. He said: remember the first lorry I sat in was my Dad s ageing Fordson 7V tipper. It must have fired my imagination, because I have been interested in old lorries ever since. The first vehicle I actually owned was a 1926 one-ton Morris commercial, which I bought jointly with a friend in 1968 when I was still a teenager.”Having spent several weeks restoring the Morris, Drew became interested in the lorries he could remember from his childhood. One vehicle stuck out in particular, an Albion FT35 Clansman tipper. first spotted the Albion at the Scottish Transport Extravaganza run by the Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club just up the road at Glamis Castle,”he recalls. That was back in the early 70s. Drew immediately fell in love with the Scotstoun classic, and made a note of the owner s name and address for future reference. Read more »


The Drone Dudes

Captain Ray Rollins backs his Dodge Ramcharger truck out of his modest homegarage in Las Vegas and begins the 30 – minute commute to work. Evidence of the economic recession looms large across Las Vegas in 2012 as he rumbles past abandoned strip malls and empty parking lots, shopping centres that have died by the roadside, starved to death by the lack of dollars. Red lights have no cross – traffic. It is a parody of the American dream. But Rollins does not notice the meltdown. His mind is on his mission as he steers across the Mojave Desert to his ”. Rollins might live and work in Las Vegas, but his day job is bombing Afghanistan – 12,133 kilometres away. As long as he doesnget a flat tyre on the way to work. Read more »