Aboard the Maritimo 50SC space and grace are yours.

 Our destination was the site of the Chicago In-Water Boat Show at the new 31st Street Harbor —about 100 miles of quiet, comfortable cruising away.

The 50SCVolvo Penta IPS power package and careful attention to sound attenuation are responsible for the quiet. I measured just 60 dB(A) at the helm as she idled away from the marina and into Lake Macatawa, the repository for the Macatawa River. Clearing the breakwater and no-wake zone, Dekkinga accelerated the 50SC to a 26-knot cruising speed. She remained quiet, even when we opened the doors to the afterdeck.port side

Krueger had topped off the fuel and freshwater tanks and loaded our steed with assorted boat-show paraphernalia, stores and personal gear enough for three nights aboard and four days of the show. The yacht sat a bit low in the water at the dock, so in fairness to her, we decided to forego Yachtingcustomary recording of speed and fuel consumption in favor of Volvosea-trial data of this very same boat, while not so heavily loaded. Read more »


 Marc from Huahine seemed nice enough. I was reasonably certain that he wasntrying to kill me.

Then again, my defenses were down. I had spent a good deal of the morning in the third position aboard a va a, which is what the French Polynesians call a six-person, single-outrigger canoe. Capt. Winston Joyce-Clarke of the 147-foot McMullen & Wing Big Fish arranged the paddling adventure for our charter group, a bunch of novices who spent the morning learning to paddle one”and turn the local surf into natureroller coaster. Then it was a three-mile paddle to one of the most picturesque beaches between Tahiti and Bora Bora, a quiet cove on Huahine where Marc organized a barbecue with fresh lobster, ukulele players and a spirited spear-throwing contest for our barefoot group. Big Fish was at anchor about a third of a mile in the distance. I swam back to her with a few friends while other guests used stand-up paddle boards or rode in the tender. It had been a solid six hours of exercise and playing in the sun, and my brain had blissfully slowed to somewhere between autopilot and standby.Society Islands Read more »

As Is, Where Is

Don t let your excitement obscure a yacht s faults.

Years back a design client arrived on my doorstep with a stack of faded photos explaining,”I want it just like this.”The shots of failed bonds, mismatched metals, suspicious wiring and ball valves where seacocks belonged had been snapped aboard his B-movie boat. This fellow was a knowledgeable yachtsman, yet like so many he had been blinded by his passion. If you are buying or selling a boat, it is wise to know what the unbiased eye sees in her. Price said

It s always difficult telling a buyer or a seller his dreamboat is a sled, but thatoften the challenge for my pal, surveyor Tom Price. After 24 years in the business, heearned a reputation as being tough, but he rejects the notion. proper survey is never the problem. A bad or misrepresented boat is a deal killer.”Price tells sellers to be prepared. stuff left aboard suggests a seller isnserious and complicates a survey,”the surveyor said, noting that he has unearthed everything from a month-old bologna sandwich to a sexual aid. Price advises buyers not to allow such distractions to put them off an otherwise sound boat. Still, he admits, he has walked away disgusted —no charge! Read more »

Block Island

Pirates. That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Block Island. As a kid, I first visited this beautiful island off  of  Montauk Point, New York, with my parents. The stunning natural beauty, the clear blue water and the towering bluffs of  the island couldnhold the attention of a 7-year-old for a New York minute. No, what interested me was the local legend surrounding Captain Kidd, as told to me by my dad.

is rumored that Captain Kidd buried all of his treasure on Block Island,” he said. fact, I bet itburied right there on the beach.”Block Island

The improbability that an infamous pirate had buried his booty just feet from the shore in a spot that also happened to be within a line of sight from where my parents drank cocktails was lost on me. I spent hours shoveling that beach with my unwilling assistant/younger brother, whom I had promised a small cut of the treasure. Read more »


 eastern shore

The truck came around the corner and bulled over to the curb.

here!”our jovial guide, Cesar, said in his best English as photographer Zach Stovall and I climbed out, grabbed our gear and headed for a dock that stretched into a harbor dotted with a smattering of fishing boats, workboats, recreational craft and military vessels. We followed Cesar as he stepped nonchalantly over the yellow tape that ran from piling to piling marked ,”which means danger in Spanish. Read more »

Fallback Positions

 dead reckoning

 Prepare your helm and yourself for passagemaking.

If you ready yourself carefully for an offshore passage, you should never have to blindly approach an unfamiliar shore. Preparation starts several months before you cast off lines. sure that you have chart coverage at the proper scales for the entire trip, with no gaps," said Capt. Henry Marx, owner of Landfall Navigation and a seasoned powerboat delivery captain who teaches Safety-at-Sea Seminars and is also a member of the Storm Trysail Club and the Cruising Club of America (CCA). sure you have the necessary coast pilots, sailing directions, tide and current tables, and cruising guides —including telephone numbers —for your route. You may be stopping somewhere you didnplan [to] due to weather, mechanical difficulties or other unforeseen problems.” Read more »