You’ve built them

If John Key needs a sympathetic ear to talk about asset sales, then he might want to take the ministerial 7 Series to Motorsport New Zealand headquarters just five minutes up the road from the Beehive. Like the sale of Mighty River Power, the new NZV8 has proved to be somewhat unpopular with the general population. Maybe both parties would have been better to gauge actual pubic response before jumping headfirst into the costly process of preparing their respective projects for the market.

Both MotorSport New Zealand (MSNZ) and the New Zealand Government appear to remain steadfast in ignoring opposition to their proposals; the only difference is that if Mighty River hits the market, there will be no trouble finding buyers. But the same cannot be said for the new NZV8, which so far has proved about as popular in Aotearoa as nuclear power. Read more »


No striptease here

When an entry-level model is set at an attractive price, that car acts as a lure to attract buyers. This is a much-used marketing tactic. Usually the bait-car is a stripper model, pared back to meet the price point, and once punters enter the showroom, itup to the salesman to up-sell them into a more expensive model to which they likely aspire.

With a price tag just over the $100k mark, the GS250 is such an entry-level car, the start point for the new mid-sized luxury sedan from Lexus. But while itthe price leader, itno stripper model bereft of treats, as it has a specification list as long as that of the more powerful and dearer GS350.

All that it lacks is the latterextra 956cc and further grunt; however, at a $14,000 premium, the additional 125Nm of the 350 model are some of the most expensive in the automotive world. So the GS250 should appeal to the value-conscious buyer, if theresuch a thing in the luxury segment. Read more »

75 years of the Mersey Mylnes

 Alfred Mylne

Howthis for a top opportunity? David Massey, Commodore of the Royal Mersey Yacht Club, Birkenhead, would like to give a 25ft (7.6 m) Mersey Mylne One Design away.

A free boat —though the new owners would have to fulfil certain club conditions. Ideally helike Mermaid to go to young people, he says, by way of them learning some workmanship and boat husbandry on her, plus sailing and racing skills. Direction for this would be provided by members of the club and Massey himself.

The main condition is that they race and sail her, paying the moorings and insurance. He sees this as a good way of celebrating the class75th anniversary this year, of keeping some of the older boats racing and of keeping the class together by bringing in new blood.

To mark the anniversary the Mylnes, with their owners and crew, gathered in July at the club for a weekendracing. Eight of the 14 still-active boats turned up and guests included Susan Ritchie, great-niece of Alfred Mylne, the designer of the Mersey Mylnes. Read more »

Blest in Brest

 boat like

There is a moment when this new boat, Winnie Marie, is sailing up the Rade de Brest and she catches a zephyr of breeze —it hasneven ruffled the water —and she cants over; ten degrees, then, as she speeds up, 15, and sheoff on rails in the lovely still late September light. In the motor-sailer following, doing five knots plus, we cancatch her as she steadily draws ahead.

Herve and his French friends draw breath: magnifique, ce bateau!”

And wequite privileged, we feel, because this is only her second sail with her delighted new owners: the Reverend Mike Palmer and his wife Nettie. We have come to France to see this new-build West Solent One Design, or W boat, described by Wooden Ships veteran broker Peter Gregson in last monthCB as: sort of boat we should all have.”And who doesnlove a West Solent? They are staggeringly pretty, with that gamey sheer that looks so right as they get a shoulder into the water and power up with just the slightest of air pressure. Read more »

Building a salmon yawl in a fortnight

Building a salmon yawl in a fortnight

It was a project that evoked Youghalhistory, reviving traditional skills, traditional tools and many memories and involving over 30 volunteers Boatbuilder Jim Horgan, who directed the build, described its progress to Peter Willis

The project was to build a salmon yawl in a fortnight, involving volunteers, as part of Youghalinvolvement in National Heritage week. The original plan was to do it in the shopping centre, but in the end, TynteCastle, a fortified town house dating from 1450 in the centre of this Co Cork seaport, made for a better space.

It was the brainchild of Jim Horgan, of a well-known local family, though he now lives in Galway where, almost single-handedly, herevived traditional boatbuilding through teaching and practical projects. Read more »


 good prices

Buttoned ribbed jumper

This Henri Lloyd Bowers 80% lambswool double-breasted, buttoned, ribbed jumper is a smart take on the tunic of old. The advantage being that you can open it up to let off steam below after a freezing night watch, catching the transition between cold sweat and boiling hot without struggling out of a big jumper. The shape is also fitting to the shoulders, tucks up nicely with an extra throat button and gives a smart shirt’general shape, although weadvise you to choose a size up if you have a long back or arms. ?125 Read more »