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We are now being asked to believe that a new kind of two-wheeled vehicle is coming into existence, aimed at a new market, and with distinctly different characteristics. One example is the new Honda NC700X and another is BMW s new (for want of a better term) super-scooters.

The idea seems to be that sports motorcycles have now become so testosterone-soaked, so challengingly fast, that only mad lads want them. Their salient features are  keep-off  warnings to regular folks who just want to have fun while getting where they want to go. The idea seems to be that the current nature of motorcycles has become too sharply focused, too narrowly defined, to appeal to more than a perilously narrow audience. Read more »


Honda NC700X – Alternative thinking

Alternative thinking

Buy a Honda NC700X and halve your fuel costs. Yes, really. And without going any slower. I m astonished how economical this bike is. But also how good it can be too. And how quickly it can cover ground when you want it to. But it s taken a while to get the hang of it.

The good thing about being the boss is that I get first pick of the long term fleet. So that s a Ducati Multistrada, Yamaha YZF – R1, Triumph Explorer etc. etc. However, the bad thing about a 100 mile round trip to the office is that with petrol costing ?1.40 a litre any bike that claims 70mpg is always going to trump any of those. Read more »

2011 Tiara 5800 Sovran

Lap of Luxury

Our pick this month is a posh, tri – level cruiser.
2011 Tiara 5800 Sovran
Dont miss the perfect opportunity to own your very own piece of floating luxury. This brand – new 2011 Tiara 5800 Sovran offers the ultimate in spacious, posh accommodations. Boaters will marvel at the stunning tri – level interior: An upper level that includes the helm station and main salon; sky galley at mid – level; and a lower level complete with salon/dinette, forward VIP stateroom and private master head, and aft master stateroom and VIP/day head.
At the helm, any captain would enjoy the luxurious amenities, which include LCD TV with hi/lo actuator, drawer – style refrigerator to port, teak hardwood floors, and two Tracy captains chairs with vertical and fore/aft adjustment. In the main salon, seating is ample and natural light is abundant, thanks to double curved glass sliding doors, side windows and a fiberglass sliding sunroof. The sky galley, located in the center of the boats floorplan, features quartz countertops, stainless steel undermount sinks, three – burner electric cook top, microwave/ convection oven and Sub – Zero refrigerator/ freezer drawers. A convertible dinette with seating for four transforms into a two – berth sleeper and boasts roomy upper cabinet storage above. Read more »



Id like to share with you a few things Ive observed at amateur bike races recently. A club member refusing to ride with his teammates because he felt that he needed “more structure” A rider loudly complaining that he had been “ripped off after a promoter was forced to shorten a race because a fellow riderwas lyingfacedown in a pool of his own blood Two power meters on one bike.
Theyre all signs of Excessive Seriousness Syndrome. The enormity of this problem was d riven home for me when yet another amateur in my area was caught doping. Doping! Like,withdrugs!
Some racers will say that taking competition seriously is the point. Maybe it is, but once people are doping to win $19, a tube, and a half – drunk can of En – ervit at a criterium, Id argue that weve collectively broken the yellow – line rule of life. Theres already enough to take seriously: our health, our families, our jobs. Cycling should be a respite from this. We should all be able to enjoy it, even if we never win. And if we do win, we should be able to place that open can of Enervit on our mantle and gaze upon it guilt – free. Thus, to restore the fun and integrity to the sport, I suggest implementing the following rules. Read more »



Three years ago SRAM instigated the move to 10 – speed shifting on mountain bikes. At the same time they also eliminated one front chainring to produce the first mass – produced 2X10 drivechain on their range topping XX groupset. While its roots lay with elite – level cross – country racing, many consumers liked the simplicity of the wide – range two chainring drivechain. Since then, 2X10 has spread through the entire SRAM range.
For the 2011 model year 2X10 appeared on all of their mid – range group sets —X.7, X.9 and X.O. Now for 2012 the metamorphosis is complete with the introduction of 2X10 on their entry – level X.5 MTB group. For 2012 youll see X.5 appearing on hardtails in the $900 to $2,000 area as well as many base level dual suspension bikes.
Features – wise, X.5 closely follows the design cues of the more upmarket SRAM component groups. SRAM utilises the same Exact Actuation cable pull ratio in the derailleurs, which ensures cross – compatibility with their other 2X10 MTB parts and should lead to good shifting consistency in dirty off – road riding conditions.
The front chainrings use X – Glide shift ramps and chain pick – up points, just like the XX and X.O groups. All of the important components – front derailleur, triggers and so on – have been optimised to suit the 2X10 chainring format. Read more »

Sounds of Change

Technology can be hard to escape these days.especially if its beeping in your jersey pocket. I was warming up in the parking lot at the velodrome, where the weekly world championship has departed every Sunday at 10 a.m. for decades. Around here, no other ride has more tradition. Just a few years ago I saw a former pro win the thing with toeclips and down – tube shifters.
It was 9:58 —at least Id set the clock on my Garmin properly —when I finally silenced the pinging. An hour earlier, right before I slipped on booties laminated with Windstopper fabric and saddled up on a test bike with electronic shifting, I had synched my GPS with a mapping app that has social – media capabilities. I was deliberately trying to see the sport through an early adopters eyes, and I was about to be late for the ride.
Luckily, I forgot about all these gizmos once we rolled out. I was simply pedal – ingand gauging where the wind was coming from and talking to Andy about craft beer and enjoying how embrocation heats up an hour after you apply it. There was one moment when I shifted into the big ring, and its hard not to pause at the unnecessary yet miraculous precision of an electronic front derailleur, but then I went back to spinning circles and surveying fallow cornfields and talking to the guy we call Goat about the escalating demands of youth soccer and, as always, wondering if I could hang when the ride turns offSchool Road and into a race. Read more »