Rolling Stone


Itnearly 20 years since medical reasons forced Mick Stone to come off the road, but as Bob Tuck discovers, his subsequent involvement with miniatures has literally been a life-saving therapy. And thatnot our opinion, but comes from Pam Stone, Mickwife of 53 years.

We often take our life and health for granted but thatnot the case for 76-year-old Mick Stone. Every new day is something of an added bonus for someone who might not have seen his 59th birthday. The truck driverlifestyle of old eventually caught up with him – in a big way – but after spending something like six weeks in intensive care, the medical folk eventually discharged him in a wheelchair to make the best of the rest of his life. Read more »

Three questions


NZ Trucking Association receives numbers of calls on a daily basis with questions ranging from minor to major.

Making the right or wrong choices can often make or break you. Knowledge is power when it comes to your business.

This column is designed to answer some of those questions and I invite you to write in or call us with yours. The most stupid questions are the ones that never get asked.

Our Association is made up of fully experienced staff, knowledgeable CEO and highly experienced board members that own, or have owned and operated their own transport related businesses. Our regular contacts consist of Police and the CVIU, all government agencies, local and national council bodies, health and safety experts and so on. Read more »

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The RUC proposals: fixing the flaws

Simplifying the RUC structure is a good idea. The less complicated a system is the easier compliance should be. But the proposed new RUC regime has gone too far and the consequence is that an unacceptable 30 to 35 percent of trucks and trailers over four tonnes would be significantly disadvantaged unless major modifications are made. Just as concerning are the added costs imposed on two of the most popular types of vehicle combinations, eight – axle truck and trailer units anci eight and nine – axle B – trains, one of the safest configurations compared to double – articulated connected truck trailers.

The Forum has proposed a number of significant changes to the regime proposed by the Ministry of Transport. Firstly the core RUC system should be retained with additional new classifications added where warranted. This helps maintain the relationship of vehicles by axle configuration to road consumption or pavement wear, which is one of the principles underpinning the RUC system. Read more »



They need your help!

As you know, the London 2012 Olympics are about to start. Much pre-emptive snickering is already in evidence, since the host country is not exactly viewed as an athletics powerhouse. In fact, you could say ”and ”go together like ”and ”or, for that matter, ”and ”—really, that kind of braggadocio always comes back to bite you when your glory days are gone and even the Balkans are laughing behind your back. Read more »


Practical pleasure

Rather than the usual company seniority/lucky dip/first up/best dressed type of selection our long termer fleets have generally had in years gone by this year a more scientific approach was adopted, insomuch as Bruce called us together, talked for ages and ages (he likes talking) and then asked us to fill in a questionnaire, while we munched the biscuits he d kindly provided, to match up riders and bikes.

The questions were aimed at what we would use our mount for and what we wanted from it. And that is how I ended up with the V – Strom.

To me, a modern motorcycle is 90% tool, 10% fun; that s not to say I don t want it to be enjoyable, it s just that practicality has to be my prime consideration. My hobby/day job involves mucking around with old motorbikes, so my modern must be something which I can rely on, can happily cover long distances and can carry a load of clobber on. Reliability, comfort and frugality are all primary concerns – though I like going about my business on a motorcycle, simply because when I get to where I m going, I m in a better mood than I d be in had I used the car. So the bike has got to have something about it – but then again just about every two wheeler is fun, it s just on some one has to try harder than with others… Read more »


Man down

Before we get on to the most embarrassing of opening reports for 2012, let me set the scene of my motorcycle life so far.

Biking kicked off for me when I took my test back in 2009. I served my initial time on two – wheels parading the streets of Lincoln on an ER – 5 and I loved every second of it. It made me realise what biking was all about. The freedom, the ability to wind on the throttle and interact with the surroundings was like nothing I d ever experienced in a car. I was a new man. To the unenlightened, this will mean nothing, but to us bikers it ll make sense. It was like finding my new best friend.
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