McConaghy MC2 60

bridge deck

This 60-foot cat reinforces the notion that a roomy cruising yacht doesn t have to be ugly —or slow.

McConaghy Boats summed up its brief to the designer with the following words: speed, luxury and elegance. Simple, right? Not exactly, because these characteristics arenentirely compatible. Yet Renaud Banuls, the designer of the MC2 60, found a way to make them get along.

You must understand that a truly fast catamaran has to be light. Her hulls will have fine waterlines forward and enough bearing in the after sections to give her some lift. Pure racing cats can afford to have a very high fineness ratio-quite narrow for the overall length of each hull —because accommodations within those hulls are secondary to speed. Filling the hulls with comfortable and relatively spacious staterooms and heads compromises speed, but careful distribution of volume below the waterline can minimize this compromise.

 overall length

Wave-piercing bows seem to be very popular these days. Inot sure about their origin, but I first saw them about 10 years ago on a few A Class cats (18 feet overall length). These bows reduce pitching by preventing the boat from climbing waves, but unless die crew shifts aft, die leeward may bury suddenly and pitchpole her. Designers have also been using wave-piercing bows on cruising cats, but they ve allowed the forward sections to gain volume a relatively short distance from the cutwater. This keeps the bows from burying while it reduces the pitching motion. Long hulls benefit more than short ones.

Banuls admits that this racy shape adds to the overall sporting image of the MC2 60. I agree and think too that the sweptback stems add a bit of elegance to an already handsome profile. They are much less businesslike and intimidating to the eye than plumb stems.

 overall length

The sheer line, rising gradually from the stem head to about the third portlight, descends in a graceful arc to the reverse transom. This treatment, like the fastback roofline of a fine grand touring car, gives our eye a logical terminus while it reinforces the clean and airy foredecks and trampoline. Any hint of bulk in a catamaran destroys her image as a rapid-transit vessel, and cruising catamarans can be distressingly unattractive. In addition to their tall bridge-deck houses and nearly vertical windows, so many of them batter our aesthetic senses with vertical topsides and unsightly character lines.

A significant amount of freeboard gives the MC2 60 s hulls lots of headroom and, combined with a pleasing sheer, creates a simple and handsome structure. Beyond the importance of appearance, of course, high freeboard allows the designer to raise the bridge deck and, therefore, the underwing clearance to an acceptable height. On some builds, inadequate clearance between the bridge deck and water produces the most disturbing crash and shudder you can imagine. It feels as though the sea is hammering the boat into composite splinters. Banuls and McConaghy know this and have found a pretty way to ensure this doesn t happen.

The MC2 60bridge-deck house is among the slickest and most attractive in modern design. Its crown provides headroom inboard from the hulls, where itneeded most. The rake of its front fascia picks up the theme we see in the bows, and the after end of the house echoes the forward thrust of  the transoms in a pleasing fashion.

High-tech composite construction will keep the weight to a minimum, but the intelligently drawn accommodations and careful selection of amenities promise to make the MC2 60 a fine, comfortable cruising boat that wonshame herself on the racecourse.

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