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Buttoned ribbed jumper

This Henri Lloyd Bowers 80% lambswool double-breasted, buttoned, ribbed jumper is a smart take on the tunic of old. The advantage being that you can open it up to let off steam below after a freezing night watch, catching the transition between cold sweat and boiling hot without struggling out of a big jumper. The shape is also fitting to the shoulders, tucks up nicely with an extra throat button and gives a smart shirt’general shape, although weadvise you to choose a size up if you have a long back or arms. ?125

Barbour coastal jacket

Herea super-light, waterproof, machine-washable, drawstring-hooded jacket that zips up over the chin for coastal sailing and general wet walk wear. It has enough inner and outer pockets to empty an entire handbag into, is nice and long and passed a lengthy deck hosing test for waterproofing. The other thing about it is, unusually for something so functional, is that it looks good and has a flattering shape. ?189.95

Cool cut reefer jacket

This reefer jacket from France is made of Aqualaine —a material which is 80% wool mixed with 20% polyamide making a very soft but also very warm cloth. And we love these at sea, as well as for going ashore. In fact wehad the male versions of these for more than a decade and they hold their shape and the nap of the wool superbly; a bit like something your grandfather might recognise as being proper clothing! This is the Isabelle, cut for the female and available with brass or black rounded anchor buttons.

Itmade in France and comes from Brittany Boutique, the online store which has some superb kit at good prices.

Well, good prices for the quality, we should say. With almost everything made in China these days we have got used to ever cheaper clothing, often in terms of quality as well as price.

This coat is ?206, but is made to last, like a classic.


Winter sailing can be hard on the eyes in northern latitudes. Low sunlight can feel cool but itstill very bright. Webeen fans of the standard Randolph aviators (above) for some years; ithard to find a better model for cutting glare and they are great for relaxing the eyes. Recently webeen testing RandolphP3 model (below) —designed for and issued to submariners in the US Navy. These have curly arms which will hold them over your ears no matter how much the boat is rolling, and they are pleasantly retro —with connotations of t he 1960s, John Lennon, Ozzy Osbourne et al. We find them easy to use with binoculars too. Aviators are from ?89 and the P3 is around ?99.

Gill Neoprene winter gloves

Dry warm hands whilst Christmas sailing? Impossible you say. Perhaps not. The seams on these gloves surpass others by using a glued and blind stitch construction borrowed from the arctic drysuits, meaning the stitching doesnpass through the 2mm neoprene, and making them much more watertight. They have a stretchy sealed cuff and a PU palm grip for that tipping coffee cup or grabbing for the liferaft. God fobid. ?30

Sealskinz waterproof socks

We tested the waterproof ness by standing in a bath and they were totally dry. Breathability was tested by three days in Reeboks and toughness was tested by trying to get one back from a Jack Russell. It was still waterproof afterwards. The trick is a merino wool inner, a waterproof, breathable middle layer and a tough, durable outer. Make a pretty good boat slipper too. ?24.95

Military Watch Company G10 automatic

The Military Watch Company is well known for its quartz and more lately hand-wound mechanical infantry watches, but new for this year is an automatic 21-jewel model. Housed in a chunky (12mm thick), brushed 316 stainless steel case, this is a simple watch that can take hard knocks and is waterproof to 50m. Its simple dial is easy to read and very luminous at night. With the tough nylon strap, they sell for ?129 or you can find them on eBay for as little as ?85. Itnot a chronograph —our test sample is making three seconds a day.

Not for Navigation bag

These excellent customised bags can be printed with pretty much any chart you fancy. The bags themselves are made from a tough 12oz natural canvas outer, a water-resistant nylon inner, have a big zip pocket and a nickel key clip. They are tough and the printing shows remarkable coastal detail. Pictured is the Tote bag at ?65 —see website for many other designs.

Solar-powered bilge pump

Basically ita self contained battery and bilge pump, the power being supplied by a solar panel on the end of a 6ft (1.8m) cable and the pump being able to pump up to 360 gallons per hour through a 3/4in (18mm) outlet. Itnot just the eco credentials or the convenience, itthe way it clears your mind of the constant image of your boat slowly sinking on its mooring. ?210

Traditional GPS navigator

We all love a bargain and hereone in the shape of the waterproof Garmin 152i fixed mount gps with ?70 chopped off it. Ita traditional gps navigator with course, speed, navigation data, 500 named waypoints,20 routes, anchor alarm and a track plotter all on a 4screen. The only thing it doesnhave is electronic mapping, so youhave to look outside once in a while. ?99.95

Personalised box file safe

Security on board is a very real problem, so, going by the rule that "one is drawn to what one understands”, the one place where the modern thief will never look is in books. This 15in (370mm) faux leather-bound box file will keep a lot of stuff in it and, with 30 characters on offer, gives you the opportunity to write something witty on the waxed, gilded spine. Simply place it between your Almanac and vast collection of Classic Boat magazines to perfectly camouflage your valuables. ?39.99

Cleaning kits

A pre-packaged, boat-specific kit takes the strain out of working out what you need. This one is the Deluxe (glassfibre) Boat Maintenance Gift Pack, which sells for ?42.99 and contains Collinite cleaner and liquid wax as well as a second wax for protecting metal plus a microfibre polishing cloth all in a tidy drawstring bag. www.shipshapenorfolkltd.